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Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Supplements make up a large proportion of the nutritional health supplement market. Whilst some of these supplements show good potential in the field of weight loss, many of the weight loss supplements have little evidence to back up the claims made by some of the supplement manufacturers. We have reviewed many of these supplements to give you impartial reviews of which supplements work and which don't.

List of Reviewed Weight Loss Supplements

Acai Berry

The Acai berry has a high antioxidant level and recently has become popular as a weight loss supplement.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant that appears to stabilize blood sugar levels and may enhance weight loss.

Caffeine Supplements

Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. Consuming around 600mg of caffeine per day can raise your metabolic rate and enhance the rate of thermogenesis (fat burning).

L Carnitine

L-carnitine is believed to have a positive effect on fat metabolism by enhancing the movement of fatty acids into the mitochondria within muscle cells.

Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine)

Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) is marketed as a safe alternative to ephedrine.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA has been shown to reduce body fat levels, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce furring of the arteries and preserve muscle mass.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)

EFA’s may reduce the amount of body fat production and increase fat metabolism when EFA consumption is increased.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract can accelerate the fat burning process by 35-43%, and increase in their daily expenditure by 4%.

Gugglesterone (Guggulipids)

Gugglesterone is the active substance in guggulipid, which has been used in the ancient Ayuruvedic medicine for nearly 3000 years, and is widely used in Asia as a cholesterol lowering agent.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support healthy glucose metabolism and to promote weight loss. Gymnema sylvestre helps to suppress the sweet sensation of sugary foods, reducing sugar cravings.

Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA)

HCA, also known as CitriMax, is a natural extract from the dried rind of the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit. Studies have demonstrated HCA to be an effective and safe weight loss product. It doesn’t have the same negative side effects associated with, thermogenic weight loss supplements.

Sida Cordifolia

Sida Cordifolia leaves contain small amounts of both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. This has led many nutritional companies marketing it as a weight loss product.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl Sulfate is a type of Vanadium compound. Vanadium is a trace element found in our bodies in extremely small quantities. It appears to play a role in normal growth and development, and a number of research studies, in animals and humans, have shown that Vanadium (especially Vanadyl Sulfate) can help to lower blood sugar levels, and increase glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis.