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Privacy And Cookies

Thank you for visiting the website. This page outlines our privacy and cookies policy for visitors of our website. On certain pages on this website cookies may be used to enhance the function of webpages such as user polls, login pages or directory filters. Put simply a cookie is a small piece of information that is sent from this website to your internet browser for storage on your computer where it can enhance the functioning of the website such as when you login to a website. If you want to know more about cookies and how they work and function you can find more detailed information on the Wikipedia page, HTTP Cookies.

Where do the cookies come from?

The software that is used to run this website may sometimes transfer a small temporary cookie to aid the functioning of the website and to keep track of what it’s doing. Examples of this include the website directory where a small temporary cookie is used when filtering the directory to a specific region. Another example is the use of user polls or login pages (not currently being used on this website). These cookies are temporary, store no personal details and are purely used for the functioning of the website and to enhance the user experience.

So that we can measure the popularity of pages and posts on this website – the number of website visitors, what pages people visit, where visitors are from and other general visitor statistics - I use Google Analytic’s. This may store cookies that provide basic generic (non-identifiable) information about new and returning visitors. It does not store or have any access to details on who you are.

This website uses advertising links that can use cookies to track from which website you came from. We currently use Google adsense for our advertising links – you can find more information about Google’s advertising policy by copying and pasting the following link in your web browser:

In addition to advertising links we may use affiliate links where cookies are used in tracking and payment systems.

Your Privacy

Cookies used on this site do not contain any personal information.

Any information collected is anonymous and generalised.

This site will not sell or pass on any email addresses, names, or personal information to any third party

Any email addresses/names left in reviews, comments, or mentioned in emails we receive will be kept private and not sold or passed on to any third party

Your privacy is respected at all times

Cookie Removal

If you wish to know how to remove cookies then should be of help.

Cookie usage by advertisers

Like most websites this site uses advertising created by another person or company, the usage of cookies is beyond our control and we may not be able to ask your permission.