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Green coffee bean extract shows potential for weight loss

Posted on Tuesday, 3 April, 2012 by anthony

Green coffee bean extract for weight lossRecent research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) - the worlds largest scientific society - has reported new evidence supporting green coffee bean extract as a potential weight loss supplement. The research was part of a pilot study, led by Professor Joe Vinson, PhD, with a larger study of about 60 people planned. Two doses of green coffee bean extract were used in the study (700mg and 1,050mg) as well as a placebo over a 22 week period. The researchers found that the greatest reductions in bodyweight occured with the highest dose, with an average weight loss of just over 10%.

Why does green coffee bean extract appear to be beneficial for weight loss?

It's known that coffee made from roasted coffee beans have a protective effect against type II diabetes and may be beneficial for weight loss. However, the roasting process is known to reduce both the antioxidant activity and the amount of an important polyphenol, chlorogenic acid, present in the coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid appears to be able lower blood glucose levels and helps to lower bodyweight.

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