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More Evidence to support the role of caffeine in enhancing endurance exercise performance

Posted on Tuesday, 15 November, 2011 by anthony

Caffeine Consumption Improves 5,000m Time Trial Performance

A recent study found that the consumption of caffeine, in the form of caffeine anhydrous, improved 5,000m time trial performance by an average of 51 seconds (Marangon and Mendes 2011). The subjects, 9 male triathletes aged between 18 and 35, completed two 5,000m time trials which were separated by an average of 7 days. Prior to one of the time trials the subjects took a capsule containing caffeine anhydrous (5mg/kg - this equates to 350mg for a 70kg athlete) and for the other time trial they took a placebo capsule.

Caffeine supplementation had no significant effect on either Blood lactate or glucose levels before or after either treatment. However, the mean time to complete the time trial was significantly quicker for the caffeine group (20.48±3.15 min) than the placebo group (21.39±3.1 min) with a mean improvement in time of 51±3.2 seconds.

Caffeine and Endurance Exercise Performance

Caffeine is known to enhance exercise performance through a number of different pathways including activation of the central and sympathetic nervous system, the cardiovascular system as well as neuro-muscular activation. The combined effects of these lead to increased muscle recruitment, enhanced aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, and a delay in fatigue levels by a reduction in the athlete’s perception of fatigue/effort.

The researchers concluded that caffeine is a powerful ergogenic that shows beneficial effects on aerobic performance.


Mendes P HM (2011) Caffeine influence on the performance of the 5000m race. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2011, 8(Suppl 1):P12

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