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Strength And Fitness UK

The Impartial Guide to Strength, Fitness and Health

The Strength and Fitness UK website provides free impartial information on: Endurance Training, Muscle Building & Strength Training, Exercise for Health, Weight loss, Basic Physiology, Sports and Health Supplements

Muscle Building and Strength Training

The muscle building and strength training section provides information on the basics of strength training, information on the optimum training intensity, volume and rest interval for muscle building.

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Weight Loss/Weight Management

 The weight loss/weight management section provides information on diets and metabolism, calories and weight loss, carbohydrates and weight loss, protein and weight loss, fat and weight loss, and exercise for weight loss.

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Health and Fitness

Includes information on the health benefits of exercise, exercise guidelines and programs, heart rate training zones, and exercise for health articles including exercise for blood pressure and osteoporosis.

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Basic Physiology

The basic physiology section contains information about the skeletal system, the muscular system, and the cardiovascular system.

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Sports and Health Supplements

Information on sports supplements, nutritional health supplements and weight loss supplements.

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